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Residents of Switzerland in the Referendum Supported Same-Sex Marriage

Residents of Switzerland in the Referendum Supported Same-Sex Marriage

On September 26, Switzerland held a referendum to legalize same-sex marriage. On Sunday, residents voted to amend the Constitution and the attendance was 52.2%. The legalization of marriages was supported by 64% of the voters, none of the 26 Swiss cantons opposed it. The law will permit same-sex couples not only to marry but also to adopt children. The amendments are likely to enter into force in the summer of the next year.

Until this moment, in Switzerland, marrying and having children has been the privilege of heterosexual couples. And now, Switzerland became the 30th country in the world to expand its civil marriage status to same-sex couples.

In 2007, such couples have had many of the same benefits as heterosexual couples. Now, they can jointly adopt children- not just children raised by one of them, while lesbian couples can access sperm donation. Changes were supported by parliament last December but were challenged by opponents who gathered the required 50,000 signatures.

Same-Sex Marriage in Switzerland

Same-sex marriage is already allowed in more than 25 countries around the world. Following France, marriages for all were legalized in Germany and Austria in 2017. In Italy, for same-sex couples, so far there is only the opportunity to formalize the relationship as a registered partnership.

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