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Respect Women Juice: All Interesting Facts About This Dark Meme on the Net

respect women juice

Hello, memers! Today we will tell you about one of the most discriminating memes concerning women on the Net! What should you know about it? Is it a good manner to send respect woman meme to your girlfriend, wife, friends? Continue reading to know the truth!

What is I respect women meme?

This is a typical men's meme highlighting an ironic attitude to women in the form of a macro series (object labeling images). Jokes, pranks, screenshots from porn films, and others. If someone sends this image to you to show the opposite of respect to women. In most cases, funny pics show discrimination against females in visible form. For example, there is a picture where a man uses the hose to wash a dog

Elements of the meme

Of course, like any other picture meme, this one has components. me women respect = for every word there must be some object.

Origins of the meme: well, well, well, it has history!

It all started with American comic Brandon Wardell. He posted on his Twitter account a video where he mentioned famous words. Brandon was "respecting women's hours".  This tweet is dated August 26th, 2016.

Brandon Wardell is an American humorist that now is living in Los Angeles, California. He prefers online comic performance, got verified on Twitter, has over 30k followers. He became famous for making hype with Dicks Out For Harambe.

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How do respect women juice become popular?

me women respect

A year later, in 2017, @rudy_mustang posted on Twitter publication with special codes:

  • ILBA - I love Ben Affleck
  • RWMD - respect woman my dude
  • WWBM - wanna watch Bee Movie

His tweet got over 1,5 k likes and 650 retweets.

Also, there is a well-known screenshot of the lock page of the iPhone where we can see only one notification - Respect woman. This meme was made by SPLASH CLUB 7 and posted on Facebook on February 7th, 2017.

On April 27th, the same year, we witnessed the transformation of the meme into something even more funny! Respect women juice meme refers to a picture of Steve Austin drinking beer with a caption on Twitter.

Also there is a funny picture of SpongeBob with an ancient scroll with photoshopped words “respect woman” at every line of what-to-do list. The variation of a meme appeared on April 1st, 2017.

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