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How Did Rickrolling Start: The Origin And Spreading Of Rick Astley's Video Clip

rick rolling meme

Rickrolling is an online giveaway during which there is an intentional substitution of a link or video clip of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up.

Rickrolling Meaning

rickrolling memes

For example, a person provides a link to a website that he or she finds fun, but the link actually takes the user to a Rickrolling video. The URL can be masked or obfuscated in some way so that the user cannot determine the true source of the link without clicking the mouse. When a person clicks on a link and leads to a web page, he or she is said to be “Rickrolled” (also spelled by Rickroll'd). Rickrolling definition is very simple.

rickrolling meme

Meme Origin

Rick Astley's song “Never Gonna Give You Up”

How did Rickrolling start? Rick Astley's song “Never Gonna Give You Up” was released in 1987 and became a worldwide hit. In May 2007, a trailer for “Grand Theft Auto IV” was released on the developer's site, fans of the game rushed to watch it, and the site collapsed. Then the user 4chan posted a link supposedly on the mirror of the page with the trailer, but those who followed the link were forced to watch the clip “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

you've got rickrolled
You've got Rickrolled

This is how the first Rickrolling meme appeared, which was later called rickrolling (by analogy with another similar prank – Darkrolling).

Rickroll Spreading

Rickrolling Meaning

Over the next year, rickrolling expanded far beyond the 4chan portal, attracting the attention of many media outlets. The clip Rickrolling Never Gonna Give You Up was inserted not only instead of the desired video but also at the end of a video.

The band Radiohead also knows what is Rickrolling and played a prank on their fans in March 2008 by posting a link to the video under the guise of a download link for their new album.

On April 1, 2008, the video hosting YouTube changed the link to selected videos in the site menu so that it began to send it to the clip Never Gonna Give You Up.

As the practice of Anonymous Rickrolling Isis spreads, Rick's videos available on the Internet have been viewed over twelve million times each. These numbers track the total number of visits, not individual viewers. Rickroll has expanded beyond web links to playing a video or song in other situations, including in public places. It was the climax when Astley and the song made a surprise appearance in the 2008 Thanksgiving Parade at Macy’s, a television event with tens of millions of viewers.

In November 2009, a virus appeared for the iPhone, setting the background image of Rickrolling Rick Astley with the caption “You've got Rickrolled”. The Trojan did not cause any real damage to the device.Now you know what is Rickrolling means, and you can also tell your friends when did Rickrolling start if you suddenly start talking about this topic.

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