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Rihanna Has Contributed 15 Million Dollars To Fight Climate Change

rihanna climate donation

Rihanna has recently donated 15 million dollars to organizations that fight for climate justice. This donation was made through her Clara Lionel Foundation.

On January 25, the singer announced that the money will be distributed among 18 organizations that are fighting climate justice in 7 Caribbean countries and the United States. These include the Climate Justice Alliance, the Indigenous Ecological Network, and the Black Life Movement.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Rihanna and Dorsey together donated 15 million dollars to mental health services, as well as 2.1 million dollars each to help victims of domestic violence in Los Angeles.

Rihanna was officially declared a billionaire last year after Forbes estimated her net worth at 1.7 billion dollars. Most of her fortune is concentrated in her cosmetics company Fenty Beauty, which is worth about 1.4 billion dollars. Another 270 billion dollars comes from the underwear brand of the world-famous singer.

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