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33-Year-Old Rihanna Is Pregnant With Her First Child, Look at the Photos

rihanna pregnant

An obsessed fan of Kylie Jenner has been arrested for the second time for trying to break into her house. However, this time he faces prison. The guy is charged with burglary because the police found him on the territory of a neighboring residence. However, it is not reported if the fan stole anything.

Kylie's persistent fan was already arrested in December for ringing the bell outside the gate of the influencer's house. Prior to this, he had also repeatedly appeared on neighboring streets, which convinced Jenner to obtain a restraining order so that the man could not approach her.

The police say this time the fan was drunk and tried to smuggle beer with him. It is not yet clear what punishment the fan will end up with, but he is currently in custody. Perhaps the decisive factor will be the results of an examination of the mental health of a fan.

Previously, a Taylor Swift fan crashed his car into the superstar's New York home. He tried to disrupt the intercom, called the police, and said that he would not leave until he saw the singer. The man was arrested and taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Police say the fan was drunk. Whether Taylor was at home is unknown.

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