American Rapper Lil Loaded Committed Suicide at the Age of 20 | The Cause Hasn’t Been Named
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Rising Rapper Lil Loaded Died Due to Overdose of Drugs | How Old Was Lil Loaded?

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It was reported that the rapper Lil Loaded has passed away, being at the age of 20. The rising American rap star died on May 31. His lawyer Ashkan Mehriyari didn't mention the cause of the musician's death, but he confirmed the rumors. There is a version of suicide, mentioning an overdose of drugs that were not approved by the law. Read also: Who Started the Fire Challenge on TikTok? | A Teen Was Hospitalized after Repeating It.

The death of Lil Loaded shocked his friend who recently named the cause of his death suicide due to a relationship with a girl. He added that last month she cheated on the rapper. However, this version hasn't been confirmed officially.

In November 2020, the singer was arrested for committing the murder of his friend Khalil Walker. He shot his 18-year-old buddy Walker with a gun but finally was released on bail. He was allowed to continue the concert activity. Lil Loaded considered himself innocent.

Dashawn Robertson (his real name) was born on August 1, 2000, in California and began his career at the end of 2018. His debut album appeared in 2020. His most famous track was the song called 6locc 6a6y, which was released in 2019. The viral hit got more than 28 million views on YouTube. Last week, the song was approved Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.
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