Violinist and Vocalist Robby Steinhardt From Kansas, Passed Away at Age 71
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Robby Steinhardt From the Kansas Band Died on Saturday. He Was 71 Years Old

Robby Steinhardt, violinist and vocalist for Kansas, dies at 71

Robby Steinhardt, who was a violinist and vocalist of the Kansas group, died on Saturday. The man was 71 years old, and this sad news was confirmed by his beloved wife.

On May 13, Robby Steinhardt from Kansas was taken to the hospital having serious pancreatitis. Later, he experienced severe septic shock and was provided with life support. And although the prospects weren't promising, he lived for a few months.

On July 17, Steinhardt was due to be released from the institution and moved to the medical care rehab, he underwent another sepsis and then died.

After, his wife Cindy wrote a post, saying about the beginning of a new adventure. Robby, who just recorded his debut solo album, was desperately waiting for an August tour. He always liked the music and really wanted to return to the stage.

The Kansas band also published a message saying that all the members will always remember Robby whose music will remain forever both in their souls and minds. Steinhardt was born in Chicago and raised with his adoptive parents.

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