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Robot artist sells its works for 688,888 dollars and now wants to start a music career

sophia robot

Sophia is a robot from Hong Kong who can talk to people, tell jokes, sing songs, and even draw. In March, she shocked everyone when a digital work she created was bought for 688,888 dollars.

David Hanson, who is the creator of Sophia, has been producing robots for the past two decades. He assumes robots who look realistic can interact with humans and help them in such industries as medicine and education.

Sophia is the most well-known robot of Hanson Robotics, who is able to copy facial emotions, speak and recognize people. In 2017, she even received Saudi Arabian citizenship, and now she is the world's first robot inhabitant. Hanson envisioned Sophia as a piece of art who can create art. The purpose was that she could make art to communicate not only emotionally but also visually with people.

Sophia worked with Andrea Bonaceto, who is an Italian artist. He painted portraits of Sofia, then she processed his work with the help of neural systems and created her own digital artwork. This unusual piece of art was sold for 688,888 dollars to a digital art collector known as 888. It is called "Sophia Instantiation" and this is a video file that lasts 12 seconds, transforming Bonacheto's painting into a digital one made by Sophia.

According to Hanson, Sophia will continue painting. And the next step in her career could be music. She is currently working on several pieces of music, collaborating with human musicians to create music and lyrics.

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