In Japan, It Was Decided To Fight Bears With a Loud Rock Music
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Rock’n’roll Against Bears. Japan Found a New Way To Warn People of Danger

Rock’n’roll Against Bears

Can rock’n’roll prevent bear attacks? In Japan, they decided to try and ordered a song- a warning to residents about the threat from wild animals. The track will be played at high volume throughout the region.

Bears in Japan regularly attack cities, even killing residents. This prompted the local authorities to look for non-standard ways to protect themselves from predators.

The composition accompanied by a guitar and drums was written and performed by a couple of local rockers who are already over 60. They decided to write quite reasonable advice in the lyrics, such as "run away" or "pretending to be dead doesn't work." The government hopes that the song, which will be played in roadside shopping centers, cafes, and gas stations will teach people to be careful and behave safely.

Other unusual measures to protect citizens from bear raids also exist. For example, on the island of Hokkaido, where the appearance of animals increased in the past five years and ended with several dozen attacks on people, they decided to fight them by installing giant robots in the form of wolves. The Wolf Monster has four legs, a furry body, and bright red eyes. When his motion detectors are activated, he moves his head, blinks lights, and makes sounds.

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