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Ronaldo Crashed Coca-Cola Shares by Refusing to Drink It at a Press Conference


During a press conference at Euro 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo put the bottles of Coca-Cola that were in front of him away, urging people to drink plain water. Due to such a gesture, the company's capitalization fell by 4 billion dollars, but the next day the giant's shares began to recover.

Another athlete, French footballer Paul Pogba, followed the Portuguese' example at a press conference with a bottle of Heineken standing in front of him. This has not yet affected the company's shares, but in social networks, the actions of the players have already become viral.

The fact is that Ronaldo adheres to a strict diet, in particular, he is a big opponent of sugar and sugary drinks, therefore he does not accept sugary drinks and even forbids his son to drink cola and eat chips. Although, according to the football player, the son sometimes drinks soda anyway. He also refuses to advertise such unhealthy drinks.
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