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Rudy Giuliani Meme: Trump's Lawyer Leaks Hair Dye at Press Conference

Lawyer Rudy Giuliani's speech was a fun occasion for a new wave of memes on the Internet. Let's figure out what happened and why poor Giuliani was so embarrassed at the election press conference.

Origin of Rudy Giuliani Meme

Rudy Giuliani Big Wet Ass meme

This embarrassment occurred on November 19, 2020, during a press conference. Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, had paint on his face. He excitedly told reporters about the “massive fraud” in the presidential elections. This press conference was broadcast by the YouTube channel Bloomberg.

Rudy Giuliani teeth meme

At the end of his speech, Trump's lawyer was likely sweating profusely from the tension and active speech. As a result, long dark streaks appeared on his temples. Netizens drew attention to this and instantly created the Rudy Giuliani Big Wet Ass meme.

Meme Spreading

rudy giuliani meme

Jokes about the melting Rudy Giuliani began to spread with great speed on social networks. Twitter responded to the press conference with a, particularly strong reaction. Some users speculated that the drips were caused by the politician dyeing their hair with some kind of rinse aid. Under the spotlights, it began to melt and “float” along with sweat.

Rudy Giuliani Truth Is Not The Truth meme

Several barbers said the sideburn mascara was likely playing a trick on him. Everything is possible, most likely, due to his age, the lawyer is forced to use this paint in order to disguise gray hair and bald spots.

rudy gualiani trumps attorney meme

The situation was commented on by The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. A tweet about why barbers and makeup artists should be hired was posted on their accounts. They wrote this with the intention that such incidents do not occur at press conferences and other events. Another Rudy Giuliani Truth Is Not The Truth meme would come in very handy here, because not only the leaked paint from his hair go viral, but also witty quotes.

spreading rudy giuliani meme
sitcom The Munsters meme

Twitter users have already compared Rudy Giuliani with several iconic characters – Grandpa from the sitcom The Munsters, Penguin from the Batman movies, Sorg from the Fifth Element, and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Another popular image is the Rudy Giuliani teeth meme, the lawyer actively spoke and everyone saw his lower yellow teeth. There was another confusion for Giuliani.

Just For Men rudy meme

Someone even took a photo of a funny package of Just For Men hair dye and turned out to be a new Rudy Giuliani meme, but most likely this is just a regular Photoshop. The packaging even ironically says about the activation of sweat and that “you’d be a raving nutcase not to buy it”.

streaks of dye like Rudy Giuliani

The authors of the blog wish you never to experience such an embarrassment, only if you do not want to become the new hero of memes on the Internet about streaks of dye like Rudy Giuliani.

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