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Samsung Will Use Material From Recycled Fishing Nets in New Smartphones

Samsung Fishing Nets

Samsung is going to use waste fishing nets for the production of its Galaxy series smartphones.

The South Korean company said that the use of the new material will be another action aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment. The Galaxy S22 series smartphones will use this material for the first time.

According to the data, 640,000 tons of fishing nets are thrown away each year, damaging corals and marine life. But it doesn't just endanger marine life and end up in the food and water that people consume.

Their collection and processing are important for keeping the oceans clean, as well as saving the planet as a whole.

It is noted that in August last year, the company already announced a sustainable business project called Galaxy for the Planet.

The goals of the project include the use of recycled materials in the upcoming products, the removal of any plastic from mobile packaging, and the minimization of waste generated in the workplace by 2025.

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