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Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson United for Jason Bateman’s Space Race Movie

Scarlett Johansson Chris Evans Movie

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans are going to star in a new film called Project Artemis, which will be shot by director and executive producer Jason Bateman. The streaming Apple bought the rights to the film for at least 100 million dollars.

The plot is still kept secret, but anonymous sources note only that the story will be built around certain episodes of the space race.

Artemis is NASA's program to land people on the moon and build an orbital station. Probably, the events of the film will be connected with it. There is still no release date for the upcoming movie yet.

Marvel Cinematic Universe stars have been looking for projects to team up with after the end of The Avengers. And they almost found one- another Apple Ghosted project. However, Johansson had to drop it due to conflicting filming schedules.

Now, Apple and Johansson have a Bride project in production. While Evans is wrapping up his Buzz Lightyear cartoon.

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