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Schools in Chicago Have Shared Toilets for Boys and Girls To Promote Gender Equality

Schools in Chicago all gender restroom

In Chicago, the toilets in public schools are being redesigned to be gender-neutral. In such a way, they strive to promote greater equality between boys and girls, allowing students to use toilets that match their gender identity.

From the state educational institutions of the city, this measure was demanded by the administration of the city. A number of schools already have shared toilets. The city administration said the new policy is aimed at creating a more equal society that supports people of all identities. It is noted that this is an important step towards equality between the teaching staff and students. The new toilets will have both urinals and toilet bowls.

However, some parents argue against the measures. They fear that the situation will lead to bullying, harassment, or embarrassment for some students.

Nevertheless, some of them are okay with this situation and say that these measures do not pose any problem. It is noted that the toilets were kept separate for the staff.

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