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SCP Foundation: Origin Story, Meaning Of The Name, The Best SCP Memes About Scary Creatures

slime orange scp

The only organization invented not by a team of writers or screenwriters, but by a crowd of anonymous people from the Internet - SCP. If you're wondering who created SCP. This fictional foundation surpasses any other in terms of the scale of work, and in cruelty, and even more so - in the monstrousness of the phenomena with which you have to work. Telling the story of SCP Foundation.

There are best SCP articles about a foundation that is engaged in the storage and research of all sorts of paranormal objects of varying degrees of danger. They are drawn up in the form of protocols of object research.

What Is the SCP Foundation?

In our world, the SCP Foundation is a huge wiki base that people from all over the world are gradually filling in. And there is more than one database, because many countries have their own versions, in which the data of both the original wiki and their own composition are recorded.

Is SCP real? Articles in SCP describe thousands of objects collected by the fictional Foundation within its walls. It all started with SCP-173, an ugly wooden figure that only moves when not seen. In the future, "Sculpture" became the Foundation's mascot and a kind of standard for good creepypasta. It was invented back in 2007 somewhere in the bowels of 4chan, but the idea quickly went beyond one imageboard.

The essence of SCP is dry documentation of a "creepypasta", urban legend, or any other fiction, the transformation of traditionally vague horror folklore into science-like wiki articles.

Already in 2008, SCP took shape as a full-fledged base, its volumes grew at an alarming rate. They dragged everything there: sophisticated concepts from science fiction, famous fairy tales, and horror stories, all kinds of creatures from mass culture. Finally, the most valuable things were carried there - their own ideas.

SCP Definition

In the universe we are talking about, the SCP Foundation seeks and neutralizes creatures, phenomena, or objects whose properties are inexplicable from the point of view of official science. However, such objects do not destroy: the Foundation by any means seizes them and locks them in one of the countless bunkers, and if this is not possible, it encloses the detection zone itself, even if there is a whole city there.

Hence, the name SCP, which can be deciphered as Secure, Contain, Protect, and Special Containment Procedures. In most cases, the creation and maintenance of these "special conditions" are more difficult and more expensive than the capture of the object.

The structure of the Fund is difficult to compare with anything. He has authority for any action issued by all states of the world, huge budgets that allow organizing an enterprise of any high cost, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of personnel. The Foundation manages to maintain anonymity despite its gigantic size - keeping absolute secrecy remains one of the top priorities.

SCP Memes

A lot of SCP funny memes have been created about the SCP Foundation. Let's take a look at them:

Never trust SCP-049, it would definitely not heal you. You would turn into a zombie.

trust SCP-049 meme

The title of the cutest SCP deservedly goes to this beautiful slime, which smiles and stretches out its paws. He looks very happy, but who knows how dangerous he is? You should read its characteristics.

SCP deservedly slime

SCP-049 is really cool in that it turns people into zombies and can communicate with other people, SCP-1000 definitely lost here.


SCP-173 is kind and would like to send you some photos. Not really, and he'll just rip your head off.

SCP-173 is kind

In the SCP Foundation, there are indeed both very dangerous and bloodthirsty monsters and cuties.

bloodthirsty monsters and cuties

The cute orange slime naturally wins. How can some dangerous lizard defeat him?

cute orange slime naturally

In order to know what SCP Foundation meme is, you need to read our article! Send it to your friends who don't know about the SCP Foundation yet.

SCP Foundation meme

The blog authors were happy to tell you about the SCP Foundation and its contents in the form of many scary creatures.

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