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Seafood firm owner tried to prevent inspection by eating receipt


The co-owner of a Canadian seafood processing company has been fined 25,000 dollars after he ate a receipt to prevent government inspection.

The court has required Tenshi Seafood Limited from Richmond to pay 75,000 dollars for fishing activities and Dishi Liu 25,000 dollars for breaking Canada's Fisheries Act. It was announced on Monday that the accusations relate to an incident that happened on September 8, 2018. An employee visited a seafood processor with a cost of a million dollars for a routine inspection. When the officer arrived he saw a man running out of the building and driving away with a crab box inside his car.

The owner and employees actively prevented the inspectors from conducting an inspection, as well as did not answer questions, did not provide the required documents. And he even tried to destroy proof by eating the receipt. Such an obstruction is illegal is considered a serious crime, the government says.

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