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See how Robert Pattinson may look like a James Bond hero

Apr.12.2021, 16:40 | Updated: Apr.12.2021, 17:49 | 130 views

When there is a young actor from Britain who has reached popularity and success, he will most likely be associated with the role of James Bond, especially when fans are impatiently awaiting the upcoming announcement of who will be the new Bond.

And Robert Pattinson, for the most part, fits the model of this well-known great hero. He is British, handsome, and will definitely carry the charm that fans are expecting from James Bond play. And to give you a more exact picture of it, look at this digital and such a persuasive art made by Barrett digital art where Robert Pattinson is imaged as 007.

The work, created with gives fans a realistic view of Robert Pattinson’s potential to appear as James Bond on screens. In fact, the actor has already been tested for the role of James Bond in Tenet, a spy thriller that is pretty similar to the James Bond movie.

Robert Pattinson has also already got the role of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman movie. The film is expected to appear in cinemas on March 4, 2022.

This is not his first experience of playing an iconic role. Pattinson is obtaining the experience to potentially become an ideal James Bond. Hopefully, Robert gets the chance to play the role he is perfectly fit in, although there is definitely competition among other actors.

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