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Selena Gomez Showed Her New Hairstyle on TikTok, Confirming Her Relationship

Selena Gomez TikTok

Selena Gomez has recently uploaded a new video on TikTok, where the 29-year-old singer showed her new hairstyle and confirmed her relationship status.

The actress was lip-synching the words to King Nas' audio, where a man is saying compliments to a woman. He is trying to persuade a woman to be with him but she is not interested in him. Under the post, Selena wrote that she now has no relationship.

Earlier this month, the star attended Dua Lipa's concert with a man that many fans found very attractive. A photo of him originally appeared on Daniella Pearson's Instagram account. It was Zen Matoshi and he is an entrepreneur.

Since Selena Gomez has been officially considered single for four years already, the army of fans instantly gives her into the hands of any potential guy. And as usual, regardless of the wishes of the idol.

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