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In Seoul, AI System Can Recognize Potential Suicides on Bridges

Seoul Launched an AI System

Seoul now has an artificial intelligence system that identifies potential suicides on bridges. The system was programmed to detect behavior typical of those who want to jump off a bridge.

The neural network will enlarge the image of a person who has been on the bridge for too long to confirm their suicidal tendencies. After that, the system will send a signal to the rescue service located near the site. This will quickly deploy a rescue operation to save a person.

The control center monitors 572 cameras, making it difficult for a small number of employees to spot suicide attempts on their own. So, on 28 bridges, various sensors were installed that detect suicide attempts. They record the pressure with which a person holds onto the fences. If it is higher than usual, the system will also give an alarm. In addition, fences were installed, over which it is more difficult to climb.

A project to introduce AI into city cameras to identify potential suicides on bridges was announced at the end of June. Then it was criticized for violating confidentiality.

According to the data, suicide has been the leading cause of death among young people in Korea since 2007. In 2020, the country recorded 25.7 cases per hundred thousand people. This is the highest suicide rate in developed countries.

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