Shakira Was Robbed by Boars: She Didn’t Give Up Without a Fight
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Shakira and Her Son Were Robbed in the Park. The Thieves Turned Out To Be Wild Boars

Shakira and Her Son Were Robbed in the Park

In Spain, two wild boars tried to ruin the walk of Shakira and her 8-year-old son- and it seems they succeeded. This was reported by the singer herself on the Instagram account

On September 30, animals trapped Shakira and her child in a Barcelona park while they were walking. The performer tried to resist the robbers, but the boars were more cunning and clever. So they took her bag with a mobile phone inside. The animals, ignoring Shakira's attempts to return the stolen goods, disappeared into the forest with their prey.

Shakira herself and her son did not suffer, but the singer's things got. The dirty bag was found in the forest later but the fate of the cell phone is unknown.

Boars are a big problem for all of Europe. They can carry a wide variety of diseases, which puts wild animals on the list of the most invasive species in the world, and thanks to the huge amount of garbage, they thrive in big cities.

Their number has increased dramatically in Europe. According to the latest estimates, their number exceeds 10 million individuals on the continent alone. Local services are trying to fight them, but so far not very successfully.

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