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Shaq Memes: Frame With Surprised Basketball Player Shaquille O'Neal

Surprised Shaq is a meme with a surprised basketball player Shaquille O'Neal, who opened his eyes wide and opened his mouth. Frame from the YouTube show went incredibly viral and even supplanted the meme about the surprised Pikachu.

shaq memes

Meme Origin

The frame, which became a Shaq funny face meme, is taken from the YouTube show Hot Ones, in which guests eat spicy food and answer questions. The issue was released on March 14, 2019, and collected more than 15 million views.

Initially, the episode with Shaquille O'Neal became a video meme. The excerpt was edited by Instagram users. One of the first was uploaded on March 22 by the user bepis.man.

In April, a frame from the show was turned into a classic meme. It all started with the post of TheCats_Bananas Redditor. He added a caption to the picture: “When you click on the Home button, the next post is very interesting.”

shaq funny face

The entry received more than 13 thousand upvotes and gave distribution to the new template. Shaq memes reached the peak of popularity by June – this month it has spread all over the world. The format found its way into many social networks, crowding out other similar templates, such as with a surprised Pikachu.

shaq funny face
shaquille o'neal memes

Meme Meaning

Meme with surprised Shaq is a typical reaction of surprise to what is happening. The picture is used in conjunction with different situations that both surprise and frighten the author.

shaq meme face

Selection of Memes

So many people with disabilities really have incredible talent. America's got talent shows are often attended by contestants who surprise the judges with their abilities. Someone draws with their feet, while others manage to dance breakdance even without legs and they come out very cool.

surprised shaq

Shaquille O'Neal memes easily replaced the previous similar format of pictures with a surprised Pikachu Pokemon. Although Pikachu is much cuter than a basketball player, look at the funny expression Shaq makes. This was definitely going to be a popular meme.

shaquille o'neal funny face

If classmates see you pulling gum out of the package, they instantly swoop in like seagulls. They would ask you to give them gum until the whole pack is gone, even if you just opened a new one. Therefore, in order to avoid the fate of this Shaquille O'Neal funny face meme, it is best to get the gum away from the prying eyes of your classmates.

shaq memes

All parents seem to be the same. They begin to panic and gather as much as 6 hours before departure. Then you arrive at the airport and sit for several hours waiting for the flight and at the same time swearing at each other because you arrived too early.

shaq funny face

There is nothing wrong or shameful in this if the teacher uttered some kind of cursed word. It can lift the spirits of students and defuse a tense situation a little while studying a difficult subject at school, college, or university. The main thing is to take it calmly and understand that teachers are people too.

Surely many have heard about the incidents, the number of which has become more frequent in educational institutions. A student can suddenly come with a firearm and start shooting at people and this is very scary. Therefore, it is best to take care of your classmates and not allow them to be bullied. We need to protect and not give offense.

shaq meme face

Little kids are so cute and make a face like Shaq on this meme when you start playing with them. They are so funny and surprised if they close their face and then open it and make a cute face. Kids love these kinds of games.

shaquille o'neal memes

Finland is still afraid of the entire russian government. Just recently, Finland announced that it wants to join NATO, so the infamous state with Soviet power began to pull up military equipment to its borders because they are afraid that Finland would again make them tremble with fear.

shaq memes

Shaq meme face that represents almost every parent, because sometimes it's so hard to explain the meaning of certain memes that you just don't even try to do it.

shaquille o'neal funny face

It's a very awkward situation when both of you have Bluetooth turned on and all the broadcast sound on your phone ends up on your device. It becomes even more embarrassing if you watched not just anime, but hentai.

Shaq can be proud of the fact that now he is not only known to the whole world as a professional basketball player, but also the hero of funny memes! As you can read above, he even replaced the surprised Pikachu meme, which is a very cool and significant event.

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