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Fanfic Memes of Sherlock are The Most Creative And Cult: There Is 9 Funniest Sherlock Memes

Sherlock Holmes meme is a cult one and every Internet user has seen it at least once in his life. Let's remember who Sherlock Holmes is. In Conan Doyle's stories, Dr. Watson describes Holmes as a tall, thin man with a sharp gaze, an aquiline nose and a protruding chin, which, in his opinion, speaks of decisiveness. Sherlock Holmes passionately loves his job and is ready to take up work without being interested in the fee, but in everyday life he is unpretentious, he can not pay attention to the disorder in the house, as well as to the order. He smokes a lot. And, by the way, not only pipes, but also cigars, and even cigarettes. When there are no interesting things to do, he dabbles in cocaine. He walks with a cane. Playing the violin.

By now, the image of the great detective has completely changed beyond recognition, but one thing remains unchanged - no matter what Sherlock is, they continue to create memes about him every day, and today we will consider the funniest images with the participation of the famous Sherlock Holmes and his partner John Watson.

Sherlock and the Otter

sherlock holmes meme

Let's start our selection of fanfic memes with Sherlock Holmes on a nice note. Everyone's favorite and cute collage meme with an otter and Sherlock. On it you can see how the expression on the face of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Sherlock is copied by a cute otter. There are a lot of such funny Sherlock memes and it looks funny. There is also a surprised expression on his face, sad and content.

There is also an original Sherlock funny meme with an otter in the form of Sherlock Holmes, which holds a skull, curled into a ball and says the phrase "Otterly b.o.r.e.d". This image serves as a kind of fan fiction. The image was drawn by renowned fan artist Happy Sketch.

All of these images can be easily found on social media and fan groups dedicated to the Sherlock Holmes theme. I found a lot of otter and Sherlock memes on the popular Pinterest.com site.

Hedgehog John

fanfic memes

We will continue our excellent selection of funny memes with other equally cute animals. In this fan fiction meme, a lovely hedgehog also copies the face of the famous John Watson, Sherlock Holmes's partner, and friend. The role of John is played by actor Martin Freeman. This picture is very funny because on it a very funny hedgehog clearly copies the face of John Watson. This collage is very large, it consists of 12 pictures, which makes it even more fun. It depicts a variety of emotions: anger, laughter, playfulness, and even confusion.

This funny Sherlock fan art was created by a user under the nickname Katrinat46. It's very funny when Sherlock fans create funny memes about all the characters.

Got Milk – How Many Sherlocks?

funny sherlock memes

The most iconic and popular meme about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson is the meme about milk. The thing is that partners constantly quarrel over milk.

This Sherlock funny meme gained such rapid popularity due to the fact that just a few lines from the dialogue between Sherlock and Watson were posted on the Sherlock BBC website. Here is the hescienceofdeduction.co.uk website itself.

Fans wanted to get to the bottom of the Sherlock BBC memes, and after surfing the internet, they found the show's first meta-meme link, under which there were a lot of scathing comments about milk.

After that, Sherlock Holmes memes scattered across all social networks and fans began to create their own funny pictures. One of them, for example, has the text:

John: "How many Sherlocks does it take to get milk?"

Sherlock: "I don’t know"

John: "Me neither, 'cause you’ve never fucking done it."

This fan meme was created by user Cumberbatch Holmes.


sherlock funny

Something in our selection is a lot of Sherlock memes funny with animals, let's dilute it with a shark!

We all know that Sherlock Holmes is often portrayed as a shark in various fan art, memes, fan fiction, and in general throughout the fandom. The strange thing is that almost no one knows he is portrayed as a shark. Agree, this image inspires the creation of a child's book.

I have been looking for information for a long time on why Sherlock Holmes is portrayed in the form of a shark on the fanfiction meme and found out that most likely this was due to his victory over the Shark Stratter - this is a lodge from the 2013 Sherlock Holmes TV series. A street hand-to-hand fighter hired by Roger Smith for some assassinations.

Now we know what caused this image of the Sherlock Holmes shark.

Falling Sherlock 

fanfiction meme

In my opinion, this is the funniest selection of memes with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. The images show the same falling Sherlock pose, but with a different background. One depicts Holmes spinning on a pole, another being thrown by a crowd of fans, and the third depicts the famous scene where he is kicked shouting "This is Sparta!" and he falls into the abyss. There are also fanfiction funny memes, where he is depicted against the background of paintings, children and just playing baseball.

It all started when on January 16, 2014, a Reddit user under the nickname Mikejohnno posted a photo from behind the scenes of the BBC season 3 premiere. After that, the Sherlock fandom just exploded and created such wonderful Sherlock memes funny with a falling Benedict Cumberbatch.

John’s Mustache

funny sherlock

It should be noted that this John Watson meme was created even before the BBC started filming the Sherlock show. Also, an interesting fact is that John doesn't even have a mustache. But why was such a meme born? The answer is simple - the fantasy of the Johnlock memes fandom is limitless. Let's discuss this meme.

So, this is a meme collage, and it consists of 3 images in which we can see 3 main characters - John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and his wife Mary Morstan.

Sherlock: "Your mustache is awful I don’t like it"

Mary: "Actually me neither lol"

After that, John's mustache flies upstairs with various words.

By the way, this collage of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes memes is animated and is a GIF image, so you can even see John's mustache fly away.

Notable Quotes

sherlock holmes memes

The series launched several Sherlock BBC funny quotation memes, which have been popular for 30 years, including on the Internet. Here is one of them:

- What is it, Barrymore?

- Oatmeal, sir!

Contrary to common misconception, the two phrases above refer to different dialogues, that is, they are not a question-answer pair. Although usually IRLs are used just as such. This funny Sherlock dialogue in the original sounds like this:

- What is it - oatmeal, or what?

- Oatmeal, sir!

Elementary Watson.

It is curious that this phrase is not found in the works of Sir Arthur; it was first used by the English writer Lulzami P. G. Wodehouse in the novel "Psmith the Journalist". Where this phrase was first heard in the cinema is unknown to science. Presumably in the 1929 film The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

Emergency Comb

sherlock bbc memes

Sherlock Holmes lovers know that his hairstyle doesn't care. It looks perfect in every situation and adventure Sherlock is in. The fans thought it was funny and they came up with fanfic memes about how he can keep his haircut always well-groomed and beautiful.

User Zerostop created a funny Johnlock memes fanart where we can see how Sherlock uses some kind of emergency comb to quickly get his hair in order and look great. John, who came in at the beginning, says the phrase that he needs to talk to Sherlock, but before he can finish, Sherlock at this time turns away and begins to quickly comb his hair, and then turns to face John with the perfect hairstyle. Now we all know the secret of Sherlock Holmes' beautifully styled hairstyle!

“Stranger Things” Featuring John Watson

sherlock memes funny

In this Sherlock Holmes meme, we can see the message that Sherlock Holmes must find his friend John Watson. Fans have skillfully photographed our Sherlock Holmes' Stranger Things image. A double portion of pleasure for people who watched both of these series, what do you think? I don't even know the author of this meme loves Stranger Things or Sherlock Holmes more, but most likely both.

Fanfiction funny image turned out to be very funny, because, as usual, the Photoshop is not professional, but amateur and this makes the picture even funnier considering how funny John Watson is in the background. Even I would have hung such a poster of Sherlock BBC memes in my room.
Here's our list of funny Sherlock memes coming to an end. How did you like it? I am very much because at one time I watched Sherlock and read. I was delighted with this work and its adaptation, love for Sherlock was instilled in me at school. If you still haven't seen this series or read the original book, then be sure to do it, you won't regret it!

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