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A Painter Took Part in the Police Search for the Brooklyn Subway Shooter

Shooter NYC Arrested

Frank James was arrested 30 hours after he opened fire on passengers on the subway. A 62-year-old man injured 10 people as a result of a shooting on a train. The incident took place on the Brooklyn subway line on Monday. The detention was made by the New York police. The suspect did not resist the arrest.

Another 13 people suffered suffocation symptoms or other injuries in the stampede, which erupted as passengers tried to escape from a smoky subway car. Before opening fire on people, the man opened a gas canister. Immediately after the attack, he managed to escape.

Police identified him as a likely suspect within hours and released a photo of him with a 50,000 dollars reward for information leading to his arrest. According to some sources, the local painter may have been the first to call the police. Lee Vasu recognized James while eating his lunch.

As it turned out, the criminal has a history of arrests dating back to the 90s: he was arrested 9 times in New York and 3 more times in the state of New Jersey. If found guilty, the offender faces life imprisonment.

According to authorities, the perpetrator fired 33 shots. The weapon was later found along with three clips, several firecrackers, and a canister of gasoline.

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