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Singer Beyoncé Will Fight for an Oscar Award With Her Own Husband Jay-Z

jay z and beyonce

The names of the artists Beyoncé and Jay-Z were nominated for Academy Awards. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures posted a list of musician nominees yesterday on its website.

The nomination for the best music to the singer was brought by the track Be Alive for the movie King Richard. And the rapper will fight for the award for his track Guns Go Bang from the film The Harder They Fall. The song also features rapper Kid Cudi.

The nomination for the best music also includes the song No Time to Die by Billie Eilish, which the singer recorded for the film of the same name.

beyonce and jay z couple

Dune by Warner Bros is also nominated for awards in 14 nominations. The final list of all nominees will be announced on February 8th. And the ceremony itself is scheduled to arrive on March 27, 2022.

And recently, Beyoncé's official account appeared on TikTok. The American singer registered on the social network on December 17 and gained more than 800 thousand subscribers in just four days. And on the first day after the appearance of the account, 19 thousand people subscribed to the celebrity.

At the same time, her account remains empty, she has not subscribed to any page and has not liked anything yet. The list of likes remains closed.

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