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Singer Lana Del Ray Used Photo-Editing Skills to Design the Cover of Her Future Album

Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Rey posted the cover for her future album, which is named Blue Banisters. But right after the singer shared the cover on her social media, the fans called it a real disaster, adding that it was made in the PicsArt application.

After many controversies on the Internet that still continue, a petition called Ban Lana Del Rey from PicsArt has appeared. The cover turned out to be so bad that the fans considered that she created it not even leaving her home and with the help of a simple application with photo-editing functions. Also, the photo she used for the album is an old picture of herself which she took and posted in August 2020.

Now, Lana's fans not only ask that she publish the new cover for the future album, but they also want her to be banned from PicsArt.

By this moment, over 3,000 people have already approved and signed a petition which is calling for her ban. It turns out that this isn't the first time the star has broken the rules. She was also accused by the fans who said she used photo-editing when designing another cover of her single "Let Me Love You Like a Woman."
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