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Singer Lizzo Joked That She Is Pregnant With Chris Evans. His Answer Was Not Long in Coming

The Singer Lizzo and Chris Evans Blew Up Social Media With Their Flirting Again

Last week, the author of the hit "Juice" shared a humorous post on the TikTok application about her expecting a baby from Chris Evans. And a few days after, the actor answered her on Instagram. The celebrity's funny correspondence has been going on since May this year, and fans are seriously hoping that they will start dating.

The video, in which Lizzo announces that she is pregnant with Marvel star Chris Evans, has received 15 million views on TikTok. As it turned out, the joke did not end there: the video with Evans' answer in just a day scored another 10 million. The story began last week when Lizzo responded to a comment from a fan who asked if she was pregnant. A few days later, the joke that he would soon become a dad reached Chris Evans, and the actor immediately wrote a message to the singer.

This is not the first exchange of pleasantries on social networks between Lizzo and Chris. In April, the actor subscribed to the singer and responded to her shameful message that the pop star sent him after several drinks. Celebrity's correspondence continued and it turned out that Evans himself is a big fan of her work.

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