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Six Women Sued Tesla Over Harassment at Work, the Company Hasn’t Commented on Yet

Six former SpaceX employees complained of harassment in the workplace. The workers reported that Elon Musk's human resources department did not respond adequately to inappropriate behavior.

ex employees sued tesla

For example, a former engineer wrote about sexual harassment and noted that her bullies received no punishment. Others said the company did not want to hold certain employees accountable if they worked at SpaceX for many years or contributed a lot to the company.

According to former employees, the company devalues ​​individual employees, and the source of this approach, among others, is Elon Musk himself.

SpaceX has not yet responded to the allegations and corporate policies regarding sexual harassment. However, after such statements, the President and CEO of SpaceX sent a message to employees in which she reminded them that harassment at work is unacceptable. She also encouraged the reporting of any harassment. The letter also states that SpaceX will take a closer look at its HR practices in the future and will conduct an HR audit.

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