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In Beijing, They Offer Sleeping Cabins for the Journalists To Take a Nap

high tech power naps

Beijing again surprises guests with its novelties. Anti-Covid restrictions in the Olympic Village are very strict. In connection with the epidemiological situation, the Chinese government tried to minimize contact between people. For example, cocktails in the press center at the Winter Olympics are made by a robot bartender. So, guests can order a drink by scanning the code on their smartphone. And catering for the restaurant that will serve athletes and workers at the Games will also operate with automated devices. The organizers hope that the robot and other machines will help minimize the number of new cases of the disease.

beijing capsules

But this is far from the only high-tech novelty. Journalists will have the opportunity to take a nap without having to go far from their workplace. In the media center, high-tech sleeping cabins with a so-called smart bed were installed for them. It has many functions, the main of which is an imitation of the feeling of weightlessness. Cabins for sleeping specifically for the Olympics were developed by one of the Chinese companies. They have air purifiers and disposable bedding. And you can sleep there for free.

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