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Snapchat Is Removing the Speed Filter after Several People Died in the Car Accident


Snapchat is removing its controversial filter that measures speeds after lethal car accidents. The families of two young people who died in a car accident in 2017 have sued the company, claiming that the app's function with recording feature led to dangerous speeding, resulting in an accident. Then, Jason Davis, who was 17 years old, was driving along a road, accompanied by two other passengers. And during the ride, his friend Brown turned on the Snapchat application and opened a car speed filter. The speed was above the limit when the car flew off the road, crashed into a tree, and caught fire, killing all three people.

And after being accused of encouraging dangerous speeding, Snapchat has finally begun removing this dangerous filter. However, it is unclear when the company made the decision to remove the filter that measures the speed in real-time, this was the first reported on Thursday.

Snapchat first introduced the feature back in 2013 but has changed some aspects of it after a series of lawsuits. The visible sticker asking not to click while driving was added to the filter.

There are also other examples when the speed filter caused fatal or near-fatal car accidents. In 2016, a man from Georgia suffered brain damage after a teenager who used a Snapchat speed filter while driving crashed into his car. In 2015, three young women died after crashing into a parked trailer, also using Snapchat's speed filter. And in 2016, the feature was linked to five deaths in a Florida crash.

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