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The Rapper Snoop Dogg Officially Confirmed That He Will Record a Track With BTS

Snoop Dogg BTS

Back in January, Snoop Dogg talked about his life on the Clubhouse chat application where he revealed that BTS had contacted him about a possible collaboration. This led fans to anticipate the possible collaboration between the two legendary artists.

Two months later, it turned out that the collab would still be! On March 25, the American artist personally confirmed his collaboration with K-pop stars during an interview on the red carpet of the American Song Contest. The performer will be working with the group on new music but is waiting for BTS to unveil other details concerning this upcoming collaboration.

Previously, the rapper partnered with various artists from Korea and is now continuing to show his love for K-pop. The list includes Girls' Generation, 2NE1, PSY, and MONSTA X.

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