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Are You Stressed And Searching For A Social Anxiety Meme? You've Come To The Right Place

Social anxiety meme, what did it go from and what does it mean? Social anxiety was formerly called social phobia, and it is similar to a phobia in that the fear of a situation becomes so intense that it seems impossible for you to participate. As with other phobias, fear and avoidance can be learned to cope with, but this must be done gradually and in a safe environment. Social anxiety means that you feel anxious about engaging in social situations in which you may be overwhelmed by feelings of shame and discomfort.

You may have characteristic thoughts such as "I will disgrace myself", "everyone will look at me" or "everyone will think that I am crazy." It is about these thoughts and feelings that people create nervous memes and various jokes. This helps a lot of people, and they recognize themselves in such memes. It helps a little to cope with the fact that you have social anxiety and to accept yourself, as well as to understand that there are a lot of such people, and you are no exception.

Let's take a look at funny anxiety memes about social anxiety below that you may have seen on social networks or haven't seen yet, but funny social anxiety memes are still very funny and will cheer you up a little.

Social Anxiety Meme: Main Points

Social anxiety memes, which we will look at:

Anxiety Meme Irony

anxious meme

What's wrong with you?

Me: "Trust issues, extreme anxiety, insecurity, stubbornness, the constant need for attention"

This is a correspondence in which the second person sends a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio, who is throwing money from the balcony, and all these words are written against the background of this meme. I think you understand the irony of the anxious meme.

Meme Internal Conversation

funny anxiety memes

Me: * walks past someone *

Person: * laughing *

Anxiety: they're talking about u

Me: that's not true


Everyone, even those who do not suffer from social anxiety, had a situation like on such funny memes' anxiety memes. It is important to remember in such situations that most likely those around you will not even pay attention to you, and even more, so they will not laugh. BUT if this happens, you can overtake them and look viciously! This is fine if you are very brave.

Don’t Be Nervous Meme with Grandfather

social anxiety memes

When someone says “don’t be anxious” and your anxiety is cured

Anxiety funny meme with the already famous grandfather, who rejoices against the background of such a wonderful inscription, automatically made it popular. This situation is familiar to everyone, when, for example, you talk about your problem, and they just say this phrase to you. And you're just like that inside “Mmm, I see. It immediately became easier (no). " Try not to get upset at such moments and understand that not everyone knows about how weighty the problem of social anxiety is.

Anxiety Meme Funny with Button

anxiety funny meme

* Something little and probably irrelevant happens *


Hehe, vital, huh? This happens to me all the time. The slightest changes in life or relationships always make you think up more, and then you sit and cry, and others do not understand what is happening to you. This can often be observed in girls, they tend to wind themselves up, and then get nervous about it.

Homer Simpson and Social Anxiety

anxiety meme funny

When you’ve been awake for 4 days because of anxiety and someone asks if you're okay

In this funny anxiety meme, we can see Homer with red eyes and a very tired and sleepy look, sitting at the table. Looks like anxiety intensifies meme rather sad, but it becomes sadder when you realize that for someone this is reality and people really do not sleep knocking because of their social anxiety.

SpongeBob Anxiety Meme

funny anxiety meme

My brain when I'm practicing what I'm going to say / how I'll get my feelings out vs when I open my mouth

Nervous wreck meme with the famous scene from the cartoon SpongeBob, where many copies of SpongeBob sit in his head at the tables and hold a bunch of sheets of paper with text, trying to find the right one, and then complete chaos begins. It is also a rather vital situation, and especially for people with social anxiety it occurs almost every day, and they have to live with it and think a hundred times before saying something.

Social Awkwardness Meme with Koala

nervous wreck meme

*When you're at a party, and you only know one person*

Against the background of this sad, but vital inscription, we see a small and cute koala, which holds on to a person's leg and does not detach from it, apparently she is scared, or this is her only owner, whom she trusts. In the life of people with a social disorder, there are often 1 or 2 close people whom they can trust, and being in large companies or parties, they only hold on to this close person.

My Anxiety Meme about Tea

social awkwardness meme

"I hear tea helps with anxiety!"

Below this text is a photo of a huge pot of hot water and a bunch of teabags. Apparently, the person is really trying to calm down with the help of a whole pot of tea. Well, I hope he will feel better. But seriously, try a really relaxing tea, you will feel a little sick. This is the so-called tea therapy. But such anxious memes really look funny.

The Meme about Friendship and Social Anxiety

anxious memes

*Me watching people build friendships while I'm afraid to start conversations*

Meme nervous, where a girl looks sadly out the window, and there is a text above this picture. It's very sad, you must agree. Yes, it is really difficult for people with social anxiety to start a dialogue first, and if we talk about making friends, this is already something almost impossible for them. Since for this you need to talk with a person who is still practically unfamiliar to you, and this instills fear in such people.

Meme with a Screaming Frog

i have anxiety meme

Person: you always seem so chill

Me externally: oh, thanks

Me internally: a photo of a screaming frog

This I'm nervous meme was created thanks to a screenshot from 33 screaming frogs video. People suffering from social anxiety very often hide their real emotions and suppress them, therefore, to those around them, such people seem ordinary and cheerful, everyone thinks that everything is fine with them, but this is not so. What this I have anxiety meme tells us about, is that a person deep inside hides a depressed state and a desire to scream.

Anime Anxiety Meme

my anxiety meme

When a minor inconvenience sets off an anxiety attack * I don’t understand what happening *

There are times when an alarming attack begins and people suffer a lot from this, but they try not to lose heart and even make funny memes about such a terrible thing. I hope this does not happen to you, and if it happens it is very rare, and you try to be treated so that this does not happen again. And the joke, by the way, is very funny. I will be very glad if these funny nervous memes will cheer you up, and you will not feel so sad and lonely. Just know that you are not alone and there are a lot of such people, and you can always find support! This small compilation is intended to show people suffering from social anxiety that it should be taken with humor, and it will become easier for you. People who are unfamiliar with this feeling should also understand that it exists and be more courteous with those who suffer from social anxiety.

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