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Sony and Fortnite Stop Working With the Rapper Travis Scott After the Incident

Nike Needs to Put Travis Scott Collabs on Pause
Fortnite removes Travis Scott emote from its platform

After the tragedy that happened during the Astroworld music festival, many brands stop working with Travis Scott. Recall that as a result of the smash during the musician's performance, eight people died.

After the incident, at least 18 lawsuits were filed against the organizers of the festival, Travis Scott, and ScoreMore, and Live Nation. Among others, the family of the injured nine-year-old boy, who is currently in an artificial coma, filed a lawsuit.

The organizers, and in particular Travis, have been accused of encouraging violence. One of the plaintiffs said that the rapper had organized chaos in his performances before. In his opinion, the organizers failed to ensure the safety of the spectators and did nothing to stop the uncontrollable behavior of the crowd.

After the incident, the rapper promised to return the money to all viewers, and also announced on his social networks about his willingness to help the families of the victims and even pay for the funeral.

In the meantime, companies are starting to feel pressure from external factors as the risk of lawsuits increases. Some have even started removing rapper content from their sites. For example, Sony removed the PlayStation 5 promo video featuring the rapper, which was released a year ago. And the artist's emoji with an excerpt from his track, as well as the section where you could purchase this service, disappeared from Fortnite.

The artist list includes collaborations with Nike, McDonald's, beer giant Anheuser-Busch, fashion brand Christian Dior, Sony PlayStation, Mattel toys, and food maker General Mills. The exact amount of Scott's income remains unknown, but his fortune is estimated at tens of millions of dollars. Scott's contract with McDonald's expired back in 2020, and representatives of the fast-food chain declined to comment on the situation.

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