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South Korea Will Use VR To Determine if Older People Can Continue Driving

South Korea Will Use VR To Determine Driving

The South Korean police will start research and development of VR-based technologies in order to assess the ability of older people to drive. Also, the country wants to introduce conditional licenses for elderly drivers until 2025.

According to 2018 police statistics, there are approximately 94 accidents with drivers over 65 for every 10,000 drivers. And this is 1.86 times more than among 30-year-olds. Researchers have blamed the fact that eyesight deteriorates with age, and the response to light becomes slower. In addition, people with mild dementia or Alzheimer's may have trouble recognizing dangerous situations. For example, scientists have found that medications that are taken to treat these disorders slow down the response and cause drowsiness.

The budget allocated 1.2 billion Won for the development of such technologies. A total of about 3.6 billion Won are expected to be spent on the project.

In the meantime, the US uses the space constraint method. The driving instructor sets the conditions according to the individual circumstances. For example, if doctors recognize a person as incapable of fully driving a car, he is allowed to drive only to hospitals, churches, and not far from home.

In Germany, drivers with poor vision at night are only allowed to drive during the day, while drivers who find it difficult to drive long distances can only drive within a certain radius of their home.

In New Zealand, people aged 75 and over must undergo a medical examination every two years in order for a driver's license to remain valid.

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