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An American Watched Spider-Man Almost 300 Times and Got Into the Guinness Book of Records

Spider-Man Watching Record

A resident of the US state of Florida watched the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home 292 times in the cinema and thereby set a world record.

In total, Ramiro Alanis spent 720 hours watching the last Spider-Man, or 30 days. According to the American, it took him about 3,400 dollars on tickets.

Alanis was not distracted from watching the film, including not going to the toilet and not getting his phone. He also remained in the cinema until the very end of the session. During the previous film marathon, Alanis was not counted for 11 views of the tape due to going to the toilet.

Alanis first set the record for the most views of the same movie in 2019 when he went to Avengers: Endgame 191 times. However, later his result was beaten by the Frenchman, who watched Camelot: The Return of the King 204 times.

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