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Staring Hamster Meme: Origin, Meaning And Top Of The Best Hamster Images

hamster zoom meme

Staring hamster meme – a picture with a hamster staring directly into the camera. Used to make jokes about close observation or to create pictures of unusual video calls.

Staring Hamster Meme Origin

It all started when Tik Tok user @beanboy22 posted a vine on January 13, 2019, in which he used a snippet from a hamster cam that is following you. And just 3 days later, on January 16, Instagram user @benisblaster posted a fragment with a hamster separately. You can see this hamster meme picture.

The next day, January 17, a user of the site iFunny JEPSI posted a video in which he connected hamster stare and Kanye West, as if they were communicating via video chat. On January 19, this video was re-uploaded to Twitter and received 1.6 million views and 93 thousand likes. Impressive, isn't it?

The hamster looking at camera meme is also widely known on Reddit. On January 23, a meme about a hamster was uploaded to the r / memes subreddit on Reddit and they began to make banned pictures with it, using the original template.

Meme Meaning

The idea of ​​a hamster looking into the camera is that while you are following someone, a funny hamster FaceTime is following you. Therefore, the second name of the meme is Staring Hamster. When a hamster is watching you, it looks very creepy and unusual. Social media users began to joke about the animal and its soulful gaze. Also, the hamster webcam reminded me of a typical interlocutor during video calls. When a rodent approaches the camera, his gaze becomes especially piercing.

List of Hamster Staring at Screen Memes

staring hamster meme

Imagine that you go to an online lesson in Zoom and here you see a user with an avatar like this hamster FaceTime meme. It would be very funny and a lot of people in 2019 started putting such a picture in their main profile picture.

The only one I'd like to go on a date with is the hamster from the meme. He is very cute, which makes him exciting. Would you like to dine in a beautiful restaurant together with such a wonderful company hamster on FaceTime?

hamster cam

In this hamster face meme, we can see another hamster, but he is as cute as the one in the original picture. It seems to us that practically everyone at least once in his life sat and waited for someone's message.

hamster stare

Funny looking hamster from a meme has officially become a Pokemon and even has a characteristic card. The card says that the hamster can paralyze enemies and is very powerful. Would you like such a Pokemon to join your team?

staring hamster

And in this picture, they combined two popular meme templates with a staring hamster and a dog. They complement each other perfectly because they gaze intently into the camera and practically into the soul of the interlocutor. Such a hamster camera meme can get uncomfortable.

hamster webcam

You, too, in any incomprehensible situation, call your mom and look the same as on this hamster Zoom meme? For example, if you hit your knee hard and do not know how to anoint it, then your mother would be able to suggest some effective remedy for bruises.

hamster on facetime

The legendary trio of staring animals. Hamster call meme have also become a part of this new image on the Internet. Now the cat, hamster, and dog exert triple pressure on the interlocutor with their piercing gaze.

hamster looking at camera

How do you like this drawn version of a funny hamster FaceTime meme? At first, you may not immediately understand what exactly is shown in this figure, but when considering the details, it becomes clear that this is a video call. At the top, you can see the fan and the second interlocutor staring at the hamster selfie meme.

hamster face meme

Imagine that you receive such a call on your phone from a staring hamster. If I were you, we'd advise you to pick up the phone because this hamster looking at the camera is incredibly cute, even if it has a frightening look. If he knew how to speak, then perhaps he would be an excellent conversationalist.

hamster video call meme

So many life hamster videos call memes that it is even difficult to find words to describe them. Surely people who like to dye their hair in bright colors have more than once caught the glances of older people. It is quite annoying and there is nothing strange or unusual about dyeing your hair in a color that you like.

Using a hamster looking at phone meme, you can not only make a funny joke about a video call but also express your indignation at the situation. If you fail a math test or any other exam, then the facial expression would be videos the same as that of this hamster – tired and not understanding what is happening.

The authors of the blog have tried to fully tell you what this meme is, its origin, and its meaning. Check out our selection of cursed hamster images and don't forget to share it with your friends or just save your favorite hamster memes.

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