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Starting From Today, Mark Zuckerberg’s Company Facebook Will Be Called Meta

Mark Zuckerberg’s Company Facebook Will Be Called Meta

Starting from today, Mark Zuckerberg's company will be called Meta. The founder and CEO of Facebook announced this during the Facebook Connect. The theme of the event was the development of the concept of the metaverse. After Zuckerberg's announcement, his company's stock jumped three percent.

Meta's main goal is to bring people together in the virtual world and give them many ways to communicate. Meta also owns WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram. The social network Facebook will remain with the same name.

Such a rebranding will better match the current activities of the company. In the online world, people will be able to work, play games, and communicate, using virtual reality headsets.

The businessman expects that by the end of the decade there will be about a billion people in the metaverse. The new name was preceded by negative comments about Facebook and its products based on private documents that were revealed by a former employee. According to her, Facebook always puts its profits above the well-being of users.

In 2015, Google renamed its parent company Alphabet. At the same time, the company's products have preserved their previous names. Interestingly that a new one is rarely used in everyday life.

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