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Stonks Meme Man

stonks meme

A Few Words About Stonks Meaning of the Meme

Stonks is an intentional misspelling of the term "stocks" which is connected with a surreal meme highlighting the character Meme Man standing in the face of a picture symbolizing the stock market accompanied by the title "Stonks." The pic is used as a response image and creating anecdotes about creating nonprofit business choices.

The History of Origin Meme Man Stonks

The date of birth of the mem is June 5th, 2017. Special Meme Fresh posted the first image of Meme Man in the face of a stock photo depicting the capital market with the title "STONKS." It didn't take a while to get over 3,600 reactions and likes from the community of Facebook.

During the following months, the picture regarded some range of jokes over the planet in an online regime. The next wave of popularity happened on July 3rd, 2017. The meme has published on /r/Ooer, and there it gained 400 points.

The next significant date is February 9th, 2018. It is a date of publication of the clip from YouTuber HallucinatoryMenu. The achievement of the video was earning 19 000 views.

A month later, on March 15th, 2018, a new meme had appeared at Imgur. This edited photo got more than 131 000 views! We can say thanks to the anonymous user of the media, 1860000000001.

Why Stonks Meme Is Funny?

  • It's super simple to adapt to any financial joke;
  • The design of Meme Man is unique and funny that's why it helps to make the text even more hilarious;
  • You can download the image of Meme Man and add it to the stock background image freely;
  • It was unique at the moment of its creation;
  • Business jokes can't be spoiled by the passage of time.

The Best Collection of Stonks Man Memes

stonks meaning
meme man stonks
stonks man

Now you can spend your time by watching our complete collection of Stonks Man meme. Have fun and enjoy it!

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