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Stop it, Get Some Help Meme

stop it meme

Are you ready to read about the next worldwide meme?! Oh yeas you do! Michael Jordan is one of the most famous Basketball players in history, and also one of the most "memed" sportsmen in the world. You can find a variety of memes with him. For example "Crying Jordan" and "Stop it, get some help Jordan". These two memes went viral and still popular. Most probably, they will live forever on the Internet and our hearts! Get ready to be memed!

Today we will talk about the "Michael Jordan get some help" meme. Enjoy it!

About Meme

"Stop it, get some help" is a meme that highlights famous basketball player Michael Jordan acting in a 1987 McDonald's PSA. The speech is about the problem of taking drugs by people, and Jordan tries to convince them don't do drugs. He says: "Stop it, get some help" in wherefore to prevent spreading drugs by man. Years later it becomes a meme in the response to stupid videos and messages across the Net.

History of Origin of “Get Some Help” Meme

stop it, get some help

Back on May 26, 1987, at the period of an ABC special called "Craked Up!", a PSA was advertised that featured Michael Jordan speaking about not buying drugs. They used the popularity of the professional player to have more influence on the crowd.

The interesting thing about this meme is that it became popular only in 2014. Only after 27 years since the day of ABC extra show appeared on television.

After decades, people start using this phrase and GIF to answer on the dull videos and posts throughout mass media.

For example, on April 23d, 2016, the user of YouTube with the nickname Violet Dirge posted 4 sec. “Stop it, get some help” vine that reached 10 million views and 153 000 likes! Also, the meme is widespread on Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram as well!

But Why It’s Popular?

michael jordan get some help
  • The name of Jordan - a famous player makes this meme so hot even nowadays;
  • It’s easy to add some sense - you can use it in response to anything you call stupid;
  • The simplest is the best - the more it’s easy to be made the more popular a meme becomes.

Now you know about this meme! Thank you for reading our latest mini-article! Remember that lofe is viral and there are more memes to be discovered by you! Stay toasty and wash your hands!

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