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Why Has Uzaki-Chan Been Discussed On Social Media, And What Does The Word Sugoi Dekai Mean?

When you first see this meme, the only thing that flashes through your head is "Sugoi Dekai". Something interesting and unusual, isn't it?

It's about the character - Uzaki Chan. This character is from the anime "Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out". I recommend this anime for viewing.

Sugoi Dekai Meaning

sugoi dekai meaning

If you have browsed the Internet, chances are you have come across posts, discussions or controversies related to Sugoi Dekai, better known as Uzaki Chan. This name and character have been in the spotlight for some time now. For a clearer understanding, you need to know the translation of this phrase.

Sugoi Dekai is a Japanese word. It means “big” or “so big”. This phrase will now be associated with the manga anime character and associated with Uzaki Chan for a long time.

It will be enough for us to translate these 2 words from Japanese into English:

Sugoi – cool, Dekai – big.


sugoi dekai

Anime about the girl Uzaki Chan, whose full name is "Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out". It is a Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Take.

Sugoi dekai girl is one of the main characters of the anime, her name is Hana Uzaki. She goes to college and finds out that her classmate did the same.

She later learns that her classmate named Shinichi is a loner and doesn't like talking to people. After that, Uzaki wants to help Shinichi get his life back on track. Over time, Uzaki begins to have romantic feelings for him.

Meme Sugoi Dekai Origin

sugoi dekai girl

Uzaki Chan's attention was drawn to her breast size and everyone started talking about her. Therefore, the fact that she wears a sweater with the inscription "Sugoi Dekai" is not surprising and it is now easy for us to understand the essence of the meme. There is a text "So Big" on the boobs.

On social networks, after the release of this anime, heated discussions of the girl and her appearance began. Someone likes it, but someone, on the contrary, is against it and considers it a sexualization of the character.

Some people think that Uzaki Chan looks like a 14 year old teenager, but also has a huge ass and chest. While people who like the Sugoi Dekai meme claim that she is 19 years old and a college student, her age is easy to guess.

When you first see Uzaki Chan, you might think she really looks like a teenager with very pronounced body shapes. This is the reason why fans are unhappy.

Whichever side the users are on - for or against. They still keep posting memes about Sugoi Dekai to support their arguments.

Sugoi Dekai Shirt

sugoi dekai shirt

The shirt that Uzaki Chan wears says "Sugoi Dekai" in large print. Apparently the artists wanted to make just such a contrast and, in addition to the big breast, made the girl's face very childish.

This type of character resembles mega milk. Fans have even started comparing Uzaki to other anime characters with childish faces and huge figures.

The most heated discussions were on Twitter and YouTube. People began to talk about the positive and negative sides of the character.

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