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What Does Sussy Baka Mean? The Best Selection Of Among Us Funny Sussy Memes

sussy baka meme
sussy baka meme

Chances are, you've come across the weird phrase in many comment and video sections over the last month or so on TikTok. This phrase is sussy baka. While people are in the mood to develop an entirely new language based on internet slang, obviously this would be one of those phrases that you’ll start using because it is so ridiculous, but in the end, you can use it in your everyday life insanely. There is nothing strange in this because we are moving forward and it is only necessary to adapt to the new environment and follow the trends.

But until that happens, it's best to understand what is a sussy baka from the game Among Us. So, let's rather figure out where the phrase sussy baka came from and what it means. Someone may think that this phrase contains a word from another language, and this is so! But what does the game Among Us have to do with it? So, let's start our analysis of the sussy baka meme from its origin.

Meme Origin

The phrase was popularized by TikToker Akim Francis after he made several videos, first including the term baka and then sussy baka, and the sound became very popular on TikTok. The viral video clip and sound began to be used by other TikTokers and spread the wave of sussy baka even further.

From here, the phrase became sussy baka original meme on its own, which is why you've seen it all over TikTok. Probably on all other social media platforms you might have seen these memes or videos with a phrase as well. These are mainly Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter – after all, this is where avid creators of funny memes live.

What Does Sussy Baka Mean?

The colloquial word sus/sussy “suspicious” has become popular due to its frequent use in the multiplayer computer game Among Us. Baka translates from Japanese as “fool”.

So, someone called you the coolest on the web, and you want to know exactly what they mean before you protest with something equally damaging.

Sussi and suspicious are the words used in the video game Among Us to describe a suspicious person, while baka means fool in Japanese. So, being a sussy baka seems to mean being a suspicious fool – although the meme seems to have taken that meaning and changed a bit.

Sussy Memes Compilation

Save this meme and send it to someone you think is a fool or just want to make fun of him. A person who loves to play Among Us would understand this picture because as we already know this phrase is very often used by players there.

sussy memes

A funny meme for those who have a soul mate or you are not in a relationship yet, but you like someone. If you want to hint to a person about your feelings, then just send him this cute picture, which seems to flirt and does not carry a negative connotation.

what is a sussy baka

Kanye West wants to say that you re such a sussy baka! What would be your reaction if you were flipping through your feed on social networks and suddenly saw such a meme? Perhaps you would not understand what sussy baka means, but thanks to us you now know exactly what it is.

you re such a sussy baka

Some people ike it when the other behaves like a sussy baka and becomes horny. There is nothing wrong with that, because most often in the game Among Us cute people with a good sense of humor behave this way.

sussy baka among us

But this how to be a sussy baka meme describes angry players who, for some reason, treat others badly and cause a feeling of negativity. But every one of us at least once in his life felt like an evil sussy baka and wanted to smash everything around, and that's okay!

sussy baka original

An anime-style meme that has become incredibly popular on the Reddit social network. We can see a cute girl and a strange incoherent text “When you. When you sus”. Most likely, this means that the person who acts like a sussy baka Among Us is very cute.

sussy baka funny meme

Just look at the character from Among Us in the background of this you sussy baka meme. Why is he so huge and pumped up with incredible muscles? Such a meme evokes horror thoughts, but also a smile at the funny play on words in the written text.

sussy baka meme gun

Never act like Gru on this meme! Sussi baka is called that because if you give him a gun, he’ll point the muzzle at you. And that's it, there would be nowhere to run, but then what to do? You have no choice but to die at the hands of sussy baka.

The authors of the blog have shared with you the meaning of the sussy baka original meme, as well as its origins. Although, if you like to play Among Us, then you have probably already come across the fact that someone in the chat was called sussy baka, or even you yourself were once called by someone. Even so, we have found the top memes for you and we want to cheer up our readers.

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