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Sweating Button Meme: The Guy Makes The Hard Choice And Presses The Button

Sweating Button meme – the guy wipes his sweaty forehead with a towel and tries to decide which button to press. He always has a very difficult choice before him, because the inscriptions above the buttons are opposite and from this, the guy starts to sweat. He tries his best to decide and make the right choice. This meme has also been called the Daily Struggle because each of us faces such a choice almost every day.

sweating button meme

Meme Origin

Back in 2014, on October 25, a famous animator named Jake Clark created the very first 2 Button meme and posted them. This post appeared on the social network Tumblr. The original version was a meme with two buttons, one of which the distraught guy had to press. He was faced with the choice of “be a dick” and “don’t be a dick”. But we’ll never know what he chose because the animator never created a continuation of the meme.

sweating button meme

The idea of ​​the author was that every person experiences such a struggle before making the final choice. We do choose every day to be an asshole or not to be, but more often than not, it happens unconsciously. That is why the animator decided to portray this struggle with the inner “I” in such a funny, but very vital meme.

At the very beginning, this comic created by Clark collected more than 10,000 likes and was noticed by the general public. After that, many meme creators started using this Daily Struggle meme template to create other very funny pictures.

sweating button meme

Meme Meaning

A wide variety of mutually exclusive things are usually written on the buttons (and for the viewer, the right choice can be extremely clear), and famous people or characters in films and games are put in the place of a superhero.

This Guy Pressing Button meme can also be used not only to illustrate the usual and routine choice for us, but also something abstract or absurd. For example, very often people make a meme in which you need to make such a choice:

  • Love normal pizza or consider pineapples suitable for adding to pizza as an ingredient;
  • For women to want to be equal or for women to want a man to pay for them in a restaurant;
  • Buy a cool toy for your cat or just bring an empty box;
  • Deal with important problems as they come, or leave all problems for later and ignore them;
  • Do your homework on time or tell the teacher that the dog ate the homework.

A Selection of Memes

Many states in our time, for some reason, prefer not to solve global problems related to politics or the economy. The government chooses to ban Sweating Decision memes or limit the freedom of speech of people, and also engage in simply useless solutions to non-existent problems.

guy pressing button meme

Would you be able to make such a choice? It seems to us that nachos and tacos are equally incredibly delicious and it is simply impossible to choose between them! The best solution is to press both buttons.

daily struggle meme template

Those who have played Among Us know the anguish of such a choice. The fact is that when you enter the room to start the game you need to choose a skin for your character. You can choose the color of the skin, as well as some kind of decoration. Many players have a problem choosing at such moments because very often many colors are occupied by other players.

daily struggle meme blank

In the 19th century, there were very harsh realities of life. The women of that time had practically no choice, and all they could do was either find a rich man and marry him or live in poverty until their death. If a girl was born pretty and received the slightest education, then she had a chance to change her life. It's good that a lot has changed since then and girls no longer have to make the same choice as in this Sweaty Button meme.

sweaty button meme

If you don’t see the difference, then you haven’t played the legendary Minecraft game. The whole joke is that there is no difference here and the selection option for dirt blocks on the first button looks the same as the selection option on the second button.

push buttons meme

A very vital Daily Struggle meme blank for every student. After you come home from school, you want to go to bed and just scroll through the feed on social networks. Dank memes are good to cheer up, but there comes a time when you need to sit down and do your homework.

sweating decision meme

What would you choose? For many people, TikTok has become a haven for creativity and other ideas that you want to show the world. This is an incredibly cool platform where you can follow other people's activities and watch funny videos, as well as record TikTok yourself.

guy sweating button meme

And here is this Guy Sweating Button meme that you can press both buttons. Yes, some parents buy a PlayStation 5 but don't let them play it. This is very strange thinking, because then why was it necessary to spend money and buy a console?

everyday struggle meme

If you have a choice like on such a Push Buttons meme, then choose without hesitation and it’ll show what kind of person you are. We hope that you have caught the meaning of the metaphor embedded in these pictures. Indeed, every day we are faced with one or another choice that we make subconsciously.

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