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Taiwan citizens change their name to "salmon' to get sushi for free


Sushi is a favorite food of people all around the world, but some Taiwanese are willing to literally do anything to get it for free. They are officially changing their name to "salmon" to use the restaurant's offer at advertising.

The Taiwan government even stepped into this "tendency" on Wednesday and asked people to think before changing their names. According to the Law, people have the right to change their names only three times, which means that theoretically someone could get "stuck" in the name, in other words, not be able to get their real name back.

Nearly 100 people by this moment have registered to change their name due to the Sushiro restaurant advertisement. On Monday, the restaurant announced that it will be giving free sushi to anyone whose name includes the symbols 鮭 and 魚, which together mean "salmon" in Chinese, a key ingredient in everyone's favorite dish. This person can get food for free if they confirm the official name change. There is also another option- a smaller discount for everyone who adds only one of these Chinese symbols to their name.

Interestingly, one person who changed his name on Wednesday said he plans to change it back as soon as he gets his free sushi. Another stated that he managed to prevent a friend from completely changing his name, while another said that a man insisted on changing his official name to "salmon", despite the fact that he had changed his name once.

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