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Take Me to the Moon Flight Will Allow Passengers to Observe the Supermoon and Eclipse

take me to the moon

Australia has launched a flight called Take Me to the Moon, which will allow passengers to see the supermoon and eclipse. Australian airline called Qantas has announced the organization of such an unusual flight, which is scheduled for 26 May. Reportedly, all tickets have already been sold out by this moment.

The plane will rise to an altitude of 13 kilometers, which is the maximum for such a transport (most passenger flights pass at an altitude of about 10 kilometers), and travelers will see a supermoon that matches with a total solar eclipse. The phenomenons will be accompanied by commentary by a professional astronomer.

The minimum ticket price ranges from 499 dollars for Economy Class and up to 1499 dollars for Business Class. This price includes not only the flight but also the cocktail party, which will take place before departure. Passengers will also receive a gift certificate and some other exclusive items. The landing will take place in the city of Sydney from where the plane will depart, three hours after takeoff.

This is not the first unusual flight that Qantas has organized. The company has already arranged flights over the Great Barrier Reef and Antarctica, as well as sold fully stocked bar carts. Qantas also conducted flights to nowhere when passengers were not aware of their destination. Thus, the airline wants to compensate for the damage from the pandemic by stimulating national tourism, since it is impossible to fly abroad due to the pandemic situation.

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