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Tardigrade Meme: Images Of Tiny Immortal Creature Can Definitely Make You Laugh

Have you ever heard of a mysterious creature called the tardigrade? These are practically immortal, bizarre microorganisms, also known as water bears. They can survive in extreme conditions and even live comfortably on other planets. Thanks to their funny appearance, users of social networks began to create various memes about tardigrades and their immortality, and some just think they are very cute.

Tardigrade Ultimate Survivor Meme

Tardigrade Ultimate Survivor Meme

These small creatures are renowned for being able to survive in extremely low temperatures, high and low pressures, and in conditions of increased radiation. From this meme, we can conclude that tardigrades are amazing microorganisms who don't care what conditions to live in.

What Kind of Tardigrade Are You Today?

A funny tardigrade meme says that even tiny creatures can have cool photos for social media. And how are tardigrades worse than us? They also have the right to have good photos.

Pants Meme Tardigrade

Pants Meme Tardigrade

How do you think, if the tardigrade wore pants, how would she do it?

Studying Anatomy of Tardigrade

studying anatomy of tardigrade
tardigrade anatomy

Looks complicated, doesn't it? In short, tardigrades have 8 legs and claws, small single villi on the body and a flattened face with a frightening mouth. If you look at the tardigrade under a microscope, you might think that they came from other planets, because they look like aliens.

Tardigrade Chuck Norris Meme

Tardigrade Chuck Norris Meme

Chuck Norris vs. Tardigrade. Who would you root for? For the invincible Chuck Norris or the immortal tardigrade? Most likely the answer is obvious, the tardigrade would flatten its opponent.

Tardigrade Extinction Meme

They feel comfortable in hot lava, under a layer of ice, or even at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Moreover, the tardigrade would even be satisfied with the complete destruction of planet Earth and they won’t even notice it.

Tardigrade Laughs Microscopically

Tardigrade Laughs Microscopically

This tardigrade meme laughs microscopically can be successfully used during important negotiations. Be sure to save it and send your friends a snapshot of a laughing tardigrade under a microscope.

Jesus Tardigrade Meme

Jesus Tardigrade Meme

Christ himself blessed the tardigrade to accomplish great deeds and made her immortal. How else can you become as cool as this little creature?

Amazing Similarities

Don't you think that Trump and Tardigrade look like twin brothers in this meme? Most likely they do, now we know the whole truth.

The Tardigrade Is the Ideal!

The Tardigrade Is the Ideal

Indeed, in this meme with tardigrade we can see what peak performance looks like. A perfect body that shouldn't be liked by everyone.

funny tardigrade meme

The authors of the blog, just like you, are very surprised at the superpowers of the tardigrade and consider these creatures to be simply incredible. Save our selection of the best NFL tardigrade memes and tell your friends!

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