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A New Species of Centipede Was Named After American Singer Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Centipede

17 new centipede species have been discovered in the USA, one of which has been named after Taylor Swift. The researcher who discovered the new species turned out to be a big fan of the singer.

The curator of the group of scientists said that the work of the 32-year-old American performer helped him survive the ups and downs while studying in graduate school. And he decided to name one of the centipede species after his favorite artist in gratitude for her work.

The Nannaria swiftae species is quite difficult to catch. Most often they burrow into the soil and are practically invisible on the surface of the earth. The centipede was found in the Appalachian mountains in North America. This insect is brown or black with red or white spots. Also, in rare cases, they may have stripes.

It is noted that this is not the first centipede, which the scientist named after a human. Earlier, he named one of the species Nannaria marianae in honor of his wife.

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