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A Tennis Player Rejects Sexual Harassment Against Chinese Official

Chinese Tennis Player

Chinese tennis player denied allegations of sexual harassment against the former Vice Premier of the country in an interview with L'Equipe.

Last November, Peng Shuai posted on Weibo accusing Zhao of harassment. The 36-year-old athlete told in detail the story of their relationship with the politician, which lasted about ten years. According to the woman, he once invited her to play tennis with him and his wife and then raped her in his home.

Soon the publication was deleted, her social media accounts were blocked, and she disappeared for almost three weeks. Leading tennis players in the world called on China to confirm its safety. Because of the scandal with the athlete, the Women's Tennis Association even canceled all tournaments in China. After her appearance, the athlete said that her post with the accusations was misinterpreted.

In a new interview, the woman also announced her retirement. She mentioned her age, multiple surgeries, and the pandemic as the main reasons for finishing her career.

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