Tesla Meme | Funny Memes About Tesla Truck-In Outer Space
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Viral Tesla Meme: The Launch Of Tesla Roadster Sparked A Wave Of Hilarious Memes

Launch Of Tesla Roadster Sparked A Wave Of Hilarious Memes

The Tesla Roadster, launched into space by Elon Musk in 2018, flew past Mars, according to astronautics expert Jonathan McDowell. It is reported that at that moment, an electric car with a dummy named Starman was at a minimum distance from the Red Planet. In honor of this event, the authors of the blog decided to recall the funniest and most memorable funny Tesla jokes with a car drifting in outer space.

Tesla in space meme – this is a photo of the Tesla Roadster electric car with a dummy behind the wheel, which was released into outer space by the Elon Musk company SpaceX. The snapshot sold into funny pictures and became a Tesla meme.

Meme Origin

On February 6, 2018, Elon Musk's SpaceX company launched the most powerful modern rocket in the world, the Falcon Heavy, into space.

The launch vehicle carried the Tesla Roadster electric sports car produced by Tesla Motors. A dummy in a helmet was put behind the wheel of the car, which the organizers of the launch called Starman. The dashboard displays the phrase Don’t Panic, a quote from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Tesla entered a near-solar orbit, crossing the trajectories of the Earth and Mars, to the song Space Oddity by David Bowie.

Tesla Roadster Memes in Space

The launch of the Roadster into space

The launch of the Roadster into space has contributed to the emergence of a large number of Tesla Truck funny memes related to the flight of a drifting astronaut listening to David Bowie. So, especially for those who do not know how to think in space categories, an “absolutely scientific” model of the solar system was created to roughly represent where the car was when it flew “past Mars”. In parallel with this, on Reddit, footage with a dummy was turned into a Tesla car meme.

While scientists argue which planet the electric car or the remaining parts of it would ultimately fall on in the next ten million years, Twitter users have already suggested what Starman's return to earth would look like and made this Tesla meme a funny post.

elon tesla meme The Roadster

The Roadster, several million kilometers from Earth, has also helped redefine the meme about what stage of readiness a person is in when they say they’ll be there “within five minutes”.

tesla cyber bus
popular memes from Reddit and Twitter

Some of the most popular memes from Reddit and Twitter users, including aTesla Star Wars meme in the form of a picture of a huge cyber truck, as well as a meme with a frame from the Fast and the Furious movie.

nikola tesla gif

Some people google to find memes about the Tesla car and in the search bar, they just write the word “Tesla” and sometimes they come across Nikola Tesla GIF. This is what it looks like. Another popular picture is the Tesla Model X doors GIF.

Tesla Model X


Tesla in space meme
tesla car earth

In order to create funny memes, it was easier, users uploaded ready-made pictures of templates with Tesla in space. If you love making Tesla jokes funny, be sure to save these templates and try to create something creative.

Meme Meaning

Tesla meme car mannequin in space

Tesla meme car about a mannequin in space has become a metaphor for escapism – a person's desire to escape from reality into a world of illusions. Users identify with the character and place themselves in various situations related to escape from real life and problems. But even in space, problems can find a person – in this regard, it resembles another meme, about a diver who is under great pressure.

The blog authors have tried to cheer you up with Tesla fun and a car in space. Recently, Elon Musk himself, the creator of Tesla cars, evaluated memes and took part in the show. You can also find an article about this on our website.

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