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The Actor Dwayne the Rock Johnson Said He Will Never Use a Real Gun Again on the Set

Dwayne the Rock Johnson Will Never Use a Real Gun During the Filming

Dwayne The Rock Johnson said that he will never use real firearms during the filming of movies after Alec Baldwin shot the cameraman a week earlier.

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Thus, the film company Seven Bucks Productions will no longer use real weapons in the filming of any television show or movie.

The American actor also added that during the filming they will use rubber pistols, and after shooting the professionals will retouch these weapons to make them look real.

Earlier, 214 Hollywood cameramen took the initiative to prohibit the application of real firearms on the set.

On October 21, while filming the movie Rust that took place in the New Mexico state, Baldwin accidentally killed a cameraman. The woman died on her way to the hospital. In addition, the 48-year-old director was hurt. The famous actor and producer fired a prop weapon that was to be loaded with a blank. The materials of the investigation indicate that the assistant director handed the weapon over to Baldwin, assuring him that it was not loaded with live ammunition.

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