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The actor well-known for playing in Chernobyl and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince passed away at 54

paul ritter

It was reported, that actor Paul Ritter died because of a brain tumor. He was 54 years old. The actor was best known to spectators for his role as nuclear engineer Anatoly Dyatlov in the HBO series Chernobyl. He also played the wizard Eldred Worple in the 6th chapter of the popular Harry Potter film series Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

In England, Ritter was widely recognized for his participation in the comedy series Friday Dinner, in which he played Martin Goodman. He was often called "a wonderful person", "kind, optimistic and caring".

He also left a bright spot for himself on HBO's Chernobyl series and was highlighted even from a  star-studded lineup. His character was unattractive Dyatlov who was described as the man most responsible for the Chernobyl disaster after neglecting warning signs. The actor was able to effectively carry the general themes of the short series about administration missteps and maintaining ideology over protecting people. By the end of the filming, the directors called him "one of the most gentle, kind and brilliant people".

After his passing away, his wife and sons left.

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