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The Actress Accidentally Called Her Partner Husband | So, Is Elizabeth Olsen Married?

ashley olsen

The younger sister of the famous twins of sisters Olsen, Elizabeth Olsen who is 32 years old, probably became the wife of her lover, 29-year-old Robbie Arnett. The actress accidentally mentioned this during a video conversation with her colleague Kaley Cuoco. So, is Elizabeth Olsen married?

Elizabeth spoke to Kayleigh from the bathroom because her neighbor was doing renovations. Suddenly Olsen drew attention to the book that was lying on the shelf behind her, and while talking about it, she called her beloved Robbie Arnett "husband."

Fans and journalists made a simple conclusion: since the actress had not previously called her partner husband, it means that Elizabeth Olsen is married. 

Elizabeth and Robbie have been together for four years. They were first photographed in March 2017, and a few months later they appeared at Emmy Awards ceremony. Two years ago, it was reported that the couple got engaged. Now, it seems that the lovers have finally legalized their relationship.

Before meeting Arnett, Olsen has been dating the artist Boyd Holbrooke for three years and was even engaged to him, but the wedding did not happen- the lovers broke up at the end of 2014.Robbie is the lead singer of Milo Greene. The indie-pop group was founded together with his friends back in 2009. Besides music, he is keen on cinematography. Now, the main question is, when will Elizabeth Olsen’s wedding take place?

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